• RokuRss is the RSS reader which displays RSS on Roku SoundBridge display.
  • RokuRss can display RSS without stopping music.
  • It works on Adobe AIR runtime.

Screen shot

Flash Player 9 以上が必要です。

Get Adobe Flash player

上記からインストールしてもコンテンツが再生できない場合は、下記リンクからアンインストーラをダウンロードして実行してから、再度 Flash Player をインストールしてください。

Adobe Flash Player インストーラ/アンインストーラ



How to use

  1. Connect to SoundBridge : Input IP address of SoundBridge and push "connect" button.
  2. RSS : Input RSS URL and push "+" button to add the list to display on SoundBridge. Press "-" button to delete from the list.
  3. RSS Item Interval: Interval time to display each RSS item. Next two settings is nesesary on SoundBridge.
    • Remove check on "Setting" - "Return to Now Playing when idle".
    • Add check on "Setting" - "Scroll long info in Now Playing".
  4. Preset to replace : Preset number used to display RSS.
    Warning : Preset number selected here is overwritten!
  5. channel title : Displays RSS channel title or not.
  6. item title : Displays RSS item title or not.
  7. item description : Displays RSS item description or not.
  8. auto start : Start displaying RSS automaticaly.
  9. start minimized: Minimize window at start.
  10. start: Start displaying RSS on SoundBridge display.
  11. exit: Exit this software.


This program uses the Telnet Comunication Library of Flex Terminal Emulator developed by id:viver .


  • 2009/2/11 ver 0.01
    • Create.